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HBO Go to enable Airplay and ‘will get’ to Apple TV, but still just for cable subscribers
Eric Kessler, President HBO, has just announced that the company is finally adding stupport for Airplay to its iOS apps. Kessler also said that he expects that he’ll be getting on Apple TV eventually — as part of a larger trend of HBO trying to get on as many different devices as possible. HBO Go is apparently enough for the company to feel current — not opening up to earlier windows for purchasing shows or selling HBO content separate from cable subscriptions. “We never want to become your father’s Oldsmobile,” Kessler says, saying that HBO Go keeps the company up with the times.


Microsoft's Surface Pro launch marred by supply shortages

Embarrassing, especially since the product is halfway decent! I actually played with it yesterday and really enjoyed it. I’m not a huge windows fan which is probably why I would never purchase the machine but I honestly felt like they redeemed themselves with this product. It isn’t trying to directly compete with the iPad, and that’s why I think it’ll do well. It’s a legitimate, full-fledged computer now…just better? If it ran OSX I’d be all over it in a heartbeat. 

I think my favorite part about it was the stylus that uses Wacom inking technologies that are built into the tablet. I could see myself using that for taking notes in class or….sketching up some designs….or….really anything? It worked remarkably well. Color me impressed!


Bifur By Adolphe Mouron Cassandre

Leaves of Grass | Branding & Packaging

I absolutely love the simplicity (its my jam). Not to mention the materials are perfect for the brand! The package design is incredibly well thought out and and gorgeous without hampering the functionality. 

Mohawk Re-Brand

I’m obsessed with Mohawk’s re-branding and the simplicity of their logo and how it can be manipulated to create such vibrant and mesmerizing patterns. I also love how much meaning the logo holds from the M in Mohawk to the shape of mohawks to the actual process used to make paper. Really just brilliant.

Redesign by Pentagram

Proposed ad for Tide Stain Release using the upcoming remake of the movie Carrie. The idea for the campaign would be to have stills of various famous “messy” moments in film history. The food fight from Hook could possibly be another. 

Turkish bombing footage shows why Vine may not work for journalism (yet)
In early February, a suicide bomber attacked the American Embassy in Turkey. The moments and hours afterwards were captured on video by Turkish TV reporters and CNN — and by a contributor for news site Al Monitor, who captured some of the first Vine-based breaking news.

Awesome that Vine was used. I love that new forms of social media are being used for various purposes. Now if we can get some sort of interactive ad campaign on there…

Mass Education: Russian Dolls
“When you educate a girl, you educate a family.”
by Triton Communications
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